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2005 Model Haco Turret Punch This machine allows us to easily and quickly manufacture your job precisely. Our Turret Punch is ideal for custom perforations or products of a repetitive nature. Our extensive tooling library allows us to produce a limitless range of holes, cut outs or shapes. Punched items can be further processed into finished products with other equipment on our premises.

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2004 Model Haco CNC Press Brakes - This machine allows us to bend and fold a variety of different metals up to a thickness of 6mm.

We have several press brakes which can fold to different lengths on one machine up to 3.3 meters and on the other machine up to 4.1 meters.

One of our CNC Press Brakes is 3.3 meters, 100 tonne.

The other CNC Press Brake is 4.1 meters, 150 tonne.

Guillotine - 3.7mtr Kleen guillotine capable of cutting up to a thickness of 6mm mild steel.

Guillotine - 2.5mtr Amada production guillotine capable of cutting up to a thickness of 3mm mild steel.

We have a range of machines that can cater to cut, bend (round or square) or fold your desired material
We use only superior materials to guarantee the quality of the product.